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Lee Precision Universal Case Feeder

Lee Precision Universal Case Feeder

  • R 520.00

Lee Universal Case Feeder automates the case feeding operation on the Auto Breech Lock Pro, Pro 1000 and Load Master. Ships with four clear case feed tubes, case slider block, riser block for taller cartridges, and small and large feed plate. Increases production during the reloading process. Pro 1000 press owners, your existing z-bar and bent z-bar will work with this new universal case feeder. Load-Master press owners, your existing crank slider is compatible with the universal case feeder.

Works with these cartridges:

30 Luger,30 Mauser,7.62 Tokarev,32 ACP,32 S&W,32 S&W Long,32 H&R MAG / 327 Federal,9mm Luger,9mm Makarov,32/20,357 Sig,38 Super,38 S&W,38 Colt NP,380 Auto,38 Special,357 Magnum,38 ACP,38 Short/Long Colt,40 S&W,10mm Auto,41 Magnum,44 Special,44 Magnum,400 Cor Bon,30 M1 Carbine,44 Russian,38-40 Win.,44-40 Win.,454 Casull,45 ACP,45 Colt,45 Schofield,45 GAP,455 Webley Mark II,223 Rem,7.62 x 39 Russian,222 Rem,6.8 Rem SPC


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