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Why do I carry a Honey Badger knife?

Posted by Duane Wessels on

I carry 2 knifes, one for self-defense and one for daily use. Why 2 you may ask? Well, my self-defense knife is for just that, self-defense. This knife does not get used for any other task. 


But life happens and you will come across something that needs to be cut in a non-self-defense way…boxes, wrapping, biltong…In my line of work the first 2 happens a lot.


Now do you want to use the blade you intent to use for self-defense for this task? Because, believe me cutting boxes and wrapping is going to dull your blade.


Enter the Honey Badger Medium Flipper…


I have been carrying this knife since they came to market last year. This example has opened a lot of boxes, cut a lot of biltong, used around the braai and has seen its fair share of abuse.  And it can handle it but don’t go overboard now…the HB is not an axe. But is it is one tough knife.


It has not lived a pampered life as some of the other knives in my collection.


It is not as sharp as it used to be but it still opens boxes etc. daily. And it still opens as smooth as when it was new. It is a pleasure to carry as it does not weigh much…a very important point for something that you carry every day. Plus the price is just right. I do not feel guilty when abusing this knife.


This is by far my most used knife and by quite a distance my favorite knife. A real work horse. And I would not hesitate to flip it open in a self-defense situation…


So now do you understand why I carry a Honey Badger knife?


Tough…not just my clever marketing ploy.


Get yours here.


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