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The most common Pro1000 problem...

Posted by Duane Wessels on

I have been helping reloaders set up presses and sort out issues for a while now. The press that visits me the most is the Pro1000. There has been many of these mounted on my work bench.

Some just need to be set up, some just needs some love but by far the most common issue I sort on the Pro1000 is this:

Can you see the problem? You can adjust that zero adjust screw all you want, the timing does not stay right for more than a few strokes. So what is the problem?



Can you see how the carrier is bent out of shape? Look at the clamp part where the ram fits.

What happened? Have a look at the below blog to find the answer…

So this happened to your Pro1000

And then refer to the instruction manual, you know that piece of paper that was in the box and you did not read, that one….read it please. Especially the parts marked in BOLD LETTERS!


Here is the same press, running like a dream. Only one part was replaced.

So what is the most common Pro1000 problem?


The user.

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