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The Loadmaster and caliber change....

Posted by Duane Wessels on

After a discussion about the subject yesterday I thought I should write something about this.

The Loadmaster can be bought set up in various calibers but what if you want to load more than 1 caliber? Can this be done?

Yes it can just depends on what you want to load.

The first thing you have to look at is the primer size. Large or small?

Second will be the shell plate...Lee manufactures a variety to accommodate a lot  of calibers.

Third will be separate turrets to ease the process...I am sure you don't want to reset your dies every time you change calibers.

Then the last option is the case feeder...small, large, rifle....

So let's jump into this.

Primer Feeder

There are 2 choices here, large and small. Both cost about R460.00 each. The small one will accommodate both small pistol and rifle primers, same with the large one. Easy to swop out and install...just do not lose the spring!

Shell Plates

Lee makes a variety and not all are always available in good old SA. They cost about R585.00 each, Here is a list of the shell plates and what caliber they are for...this is also a good reference of which calibers can be loaded on a Loadmaster. Again easy to swop out...

Shell Plate #1s                                   38 Spl, 357 Mag., etc.

Shell Plate #2L                                   45 ACP, 30/06, 308, etc.

Shell Plate #3L                                   30/30, 7 x 30 Waters, etc.

Shell Plate #4s                                   223, 222, 380 Auto, etc.

Shell Plate #4As                                32 S&W Long, 32 H&R Mag., etc.

Shell Plate #5L                                   Belted Magnums, 300 Mag., 303 British, 30/40 Krag, etc.

Shell Plate #6s                                   32/20, 25/20, etc.

Shell Plate #7s                                   30 M1 Carbine, 32 ACP

Shell Plate #8L                                   45/70, 348 Win.

Shell Plate #9L                                   41 Magnum

Shell Plate #10L                                 220 Swift, 6.5 Jap., 458 SOCOM

Shell Plate #11L                                 44 Mag., 44 Spl., 45 Colt, 50 AE

Shell Plate #12L                                 7.62 x 39, 6mm PPC, 22 PPC, etc.

Shell Plate #14L                                 44/40, 38/40, 45 Colt, 460 S&W

Shell Plate #15s                                 25 ACP, 5.7x28 FN

Shell Plate #19s                                 9mm Luger, 9mm Largo, 40 S&W, 38 Super, etc.

Shell Plate #19L                                 10mm Auto

Shell Plate #20                                   22 Hornet

Turrets and dies

Obviously you will need dies for your other caliber but do you really want to set dies each time you change caliber? Lee sells separate turrets just for this. They cost about R295.00 each. You can set your dies in a turret and just replace that turret in the Loadmaster. Also have a think about using a separate powder dispenser as this will ease the change but it is not necessary. Most Lee Powder dispensers can turn out of the die without changing the die setting. 

Just don't mix up your powders!

Also note that a rifle charging die will be required to charge rifle cases and depending on your charge volume, a double disk kit if your are still using the Pro Auto Powder disk system.

Case Feeder 

3 options are available here...

Small: 9mm Luger,380 Auto,32 Auto,32 S&W Long,32 H&R Mag,38 Auto,38 Super

Large: 38 Special,357 Magnum,41 Magnum,44 Special,44 Magnum,45 ACP,45 Colt,10mm Auto,7.62 x 39 Russian

Rifle: 222,223,30M1

Note that not all rifle calibers are available on the case feeder, the bigger calibers can still be fed by hand...most prefer this option.


So those are your options. Now I load 9mmp and 45ACP, let's see what I must do to change my Loadmaster setup in 9mmp to 45ACP.


First I need the Large Priming System (R460.00) for 45ACP using a large pistol primer.

Second I need Shell Plate #2L for 45ACP (R585.00).

Extra turret (R295.00) and as I only load 2 calibers with the same powder I will use my original Pro Auto Disk...just make sure I use the correct disks.

Then a large case feeder, just the case feeder not the whole setup. They are normally about R100.00.


So my caliber change will cost me R1440.00. Just remember to add the price of your dies.

Not too bad hey?

Now look at changing from 9mmp to 40S&W.....almost nothing to do! Same primer system, same shell plate, same case feeder...just an extra turret and dies!

So yes, you can load multiple calibers on the Loadmaster. Use the above as your reference to see if this will suit you....prices are for example only!

Feel free to e-mail us if you have questions or need a qoute.

And remember to always follow safe reloading practices!



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