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The Lee Bullet Feeder....and the Multi Tube Adapter.

Posted by Duane Wessels on

Finally had some time to test the multi tube adapter on the bullet feeder. Was a bit busy with Northern Nationals and have been struggling with the dreaded flu….


The multi tube adapter increases capacity from 31 147gr flat nose bullets to 112 as each tube takes 28 bullets. It is quick and easy to install and operates in the same manner as the multi tube on the case feeder.


Previously I mentioned that the bullet feeder works of the ram so even when there is no case in station 4 of the Loadmaster a bullet will be fed. Well, with the multi tube you can set it off center when filling the bullets. Then when you are ready you can set it and the bullets will start feeding.


Sure it takes a bit of time to fill all 4 tubes and I am sure it will get easier as I get used to it.


BUT damn reloading 100 bullets is so quick now! My speed has doubled!


I now load 100 bullets, 100 primers and 100 cases, load that in less than 10 minutes. Chuck the loaded rounds in the tumbler for a nice shine, reload the press and off I go again. And I still look in each case to see the powder!


I enjoyed my reloading so much yesterday that I finished my last tin of S121…I loaded 650 rounds in less than 2 hours, all while still answering mails, phone calls and dealing with couriers…


I am very happy with the bullet feeder and multi tube adapter. Easy to install and operate and so far it has not missed a beat….that’s over 2000 rounds loaded now with the bullet feeder.


If you are thinking about getting the bullet feeder, add the multi tube adapter….


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  • I am new to reloading but have so far worked out most of the kinks on my loadmaster. I added the lee Bullet feeder and it is working good so far. However when attempting to install the multi tube adapttor. It is not screwing in completely this essentially dangling and messing up the proper tight needed for the feed fingers this crushing them. Is there anyway you can post a video on how to install

    Kevin Joseph on

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