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The Lee Bullet Feeder...

Posted by Duane Wessels on

So I have been itching to try the Lee Bullet Feeder on my Loadmaster.

I got my grubby hands on one for 147gr 9mmp a while back. There are 3 kits for 9mmp, based on the length of the bullet. So be careful and make sure when you order...

I got it installed and tested it a bit. Installation is quite easy and went quick. I started testing and ran out of some more bullets and yesterday I went to town reloading.

It works great! Only drawback is that the tube only takes 31 bullets but that is hopefully solved with the addition of the multi tube feeder which should take the capacity to 100 bullets.

A tube of 31 bullets is loaded quicker than it takes to fill the reloading speed has probably doubled!

Bullets are fed perfectly plus with the feed fingers feeding the bullet you do not have to flare your brass...which will hopefully extend the brass lifespan. Plus I still have enough space to see the powder in the case....very important to me.

I loaded in the range of 1500 rounds yesterday and the bullet feeder functioned perfectly.


But there are a few things you have to look out for:

1. Do not fill the tube with bullets until you have a case in station 4. The feeder is activated by the ram, so each stroke will feed a bullet. If there is no case the bullet will just drop out.

2. Do not fill the bullet upside down....when the upside down bullet gets to the bottom it will fall out and cause all the other bullets on top of it to follow...

3. The bullet feeder attaches to the press with a plate that fits under the bullet seating die, so recheck your bullet seating depth. It is also a good idea to check all the other dies and primer depth. I had to make a few adjustments. I have a suspicion that the action rod adds a mm or so to the ram stroke.

All in all I am very happy with the bullet feeder.

I am getting the multi tube later today and will give it a test. Hopefully it will speed things up even more.


Oh and the Loadmaster still runs like a dream....


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  • Thanks for the review. I got a bullet feeder for my recently re- aquired Load Master earlier this year, hopefully i can get it installed and working once I get the press up and running properly.

    I used to have a load master about 20 years ago when still competing in IPSC up in JHB. Things changed when I moved to Cape Town and I stopped shooting for quite a few years, started again a couple of years ago (this time IDPA), and late last year a shooting buddy gave me one of his presses. I was able to choose between a Pro 1000 and the Load Master and I chose the load master due to my familiarity. Unfortunately since I got it I have not been able to get the indexing working properly – despite lots of experimenting / tuning. I need to put some concerted time into getting it working as my friend has since moved up to JHB so I am not able to load on his equipment, and shooting factory ammo is just way too expensive.

    Would appreciate any tips you may have.

    Rick Afonso on
  • Hopefully I can get my Loadmaster soon. Then I’ll have to invite you for a braai to help with the setup…

    Carl on

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