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Posted by Duane Wessels on

Special orders have become a growing business at 480BC, therefor I have now included the most popular items on our website. This was done to try and improve your shopping experience.

As you know I have accounts with some of the major importers in our business. I have had lot's of request where I order items for clients not stocked by me.

In fact I am clever enough to know that I cannot stock every item and now offer these as special orders. I have also added items that I know I can source in a day or 2, if I know I won't be able to deliver these items I won't advertise them.

Another reason for adding these items is that you are now able to pay for these by credit card. Previously I could only accept EFT's for these orders.

Please also understand that I will not take your money for an item if I cannot deliver it. I have worked hard this past year to build a name for my business and will not risk this to make a few Rand's.

480BC is not a hobby for me....480BC is my life and future.

I have also gone to great lengths to ensure these products are clearly marked on the website. Each product that is offered on a special order is marked and the conditions are set out in the product description.


All other products show how much stock is available and this is live and up to date.

For any further info or questions please contact Duane on 078 459 2188 or pop a mail to

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