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So this happened to your Pro1000...

Posted by Duane Wessels on

Now why would this happen?

What most probably happened is that a case (9mmp I am looking at you, you tapered bastard) got stuck in the resizing die. You got angry and used some force, as we all do from time to time. Now the weakest point will give way when force is applied and that happens to be the shell plate carrier.

Your reloading session is now properly ruined.

What is the reason for this?

1. A difficult to size casing. This is especially true with 9mmp but happens with other calipers also.

2. Too much force was applied.

3. You did not read the manual....especially the part where it says not to over tighten the ram allen bolt on the carrier.


Have a look at where the ram fits in the carrier. I thought this was strange. Why would you fit something like that? Two smooth surfaces?

Well, this is actually a very clever design feature on the Pro1000. It is designed so that when a case gets stuck and you use to much force, the ram will slide out and not break the carrier.


Now how do you remove the stuck case?

Remove the decapping pin and decapper clamp, using a screw driver or punch, tap the case out of the from the top of the die. The shell plate carrier will then fall free.

When inserting the ram, do not over tighten the allen bolt! And the same applies when you reassemble the decapping pin and clamp back in the sizing die.


Now how to prevent a case from getting stuck?

Lube...yes use some case lube on your cases. Yes I know they are carbide dies and lube is not necessary but it does help. You will also find that a progressive runs much smoother with lubed cases.


And if you learn these lessons like I did, replacement shell plate carriers are available for R250.00. I would also advise you to keep one spare if your press has seen a lot of reloads.

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