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Sig Sights....

Posted by Duane Wessels on

UPDATE: My Dad is better and we have completed our design for the sights. It will be off to 3D Printing this week and then we will test and make a few cosmetic changes...not 100% happy with the rear sight but want to test function before we do cosmetic changes...but here are pics so long...



Just to keep you guys in the loop....we are busy with our own design for Sig sights. We are in the design stage and will hopefully in the next month be in the test stage and then on to production early next year.

It's been a struggle as Sig sights are not the easiest to sort out. While researching I have found some nice info that I thought I would share here:

Sig Sight Picture.
See the below image. Sig's are set from the factory to have a combat sight picture at 25yards. Sight picture no 3 below. This means the POI will be directly behind the dot at 25yards. This is not ideal for all and can be changed as below.

Sight Heights.
Sig's sights are numbered from #4 to #10. Below is how they traditionally ship from the factory:

9mm & .357 SIG: #8 front / #8 rear
.40 S&W & .45 ACP: #6 front / #8 rear

There are cases where this is not true but it seems more a factory error.

The Sp2022 ships with #8's both rear and front.

To change POI you can change the sights but to get these in SA is next to impossible. But here are tips on how to change the PO! at 25yards:

Raising the front sight one number raises the POI by 1″
Lowering the front sight one number lowers the POI by 1″
Raising the rear sight one number raises the POI by 2″
Lowering the rear sight one number lowers the POI by 2″

But now Sig get's tricky as the higher the front sight number, the lower the sight’s height and then the higher the rear sight number, the higher the sight’s height.

Tricky hey? See the second pic....

Our design will have 2 front sight heights and 2 rear sight heights and this can then be combined to change POI or you could keep it as is. I believe the 2 heights will be all that's needed and it's better to keep things simple.

Our rear sight will be a blacked out rear with a 1mm fiber front sight. As soon as I have the CAD file I will post a pic.

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