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Priming on the press or off?

Posted by Duane Wessels on

I've seen a lot of people talking about priming off the press and judging how the Lee Autoprime's are selling I guess there is a lot doing it.

But why? Especially on a progressive like the Loadmaster and Pro1000...

I know and most know this, that the Pro1000 can be tricky especially on the priming part.

Allow me to share some tips and tricks on the Pro1000's priming system:

1.) Keep it clean! Do not allow oil or grease to get near that section of the press. Make sure the chute is clean and no primer residue is left. All it takes is a bit of air. If you have a compressor perfect. If not a can of compressed air works wonders. Otherwise just blow it out...a problem for someone like me smoking a bunch of Chesterfields a day but I managed. A good mate once told me if you can blow up a balloon you can keep a Pro1000 running!

2.) Make sure the chute has no burrs! This part is injection molded and this sometimes leave plastic burrs that will stop or flip primers. Take the chute apart...carefully. Inspect it to make sure it's smooth. Take a bit of superfine sanding paper and work the burr's away. This part needs to be smooth to allow the primers to fall freely. A bit of graphite works also.

3.) Make sure the priming system is installed correctly! Follow the instructions. Make sure the pin is the right side up (Tall end to the top). Make sure the spring is on the right end (Tall end and facing the chute). Make sure that the case retainer is installed and that the case sensor is correct and working. The pin should stay up until the case sensor drops it to allow a primer on the pin.

4.) See the pin sticking out of the chute? That's supposed to ride on the pillar of the press with the indentations. Make sure it makes contact and shakes the primer tray.

5.) Make sure that the primer chute is kept full...refill the tray as soon as you can remove it without spilling primers.....careful when you insert it not let primers fall out. It will jam at the top of the chute. If the chute becomes too empty there is not enough force on the primers to feed freely.

6.) Keep the timing! Make sure that the timing is set. Under the carrier is a screw that adjusts the ratchet gear. If you loose timing, turn this till the shell plate clicks in place...that ball on the spring in station 2 is there to keep the timing. Give it a quarter turn more after the click.

7.) The ratchet gear can wear out so keep spares on hand. The big gear needs to friction fit in the should not be loose.

8.) Do not force the press! If it is sticky stop and look what is not force as primers can go bang! Plus you are damaging the if you stop and look chances are you will not spill powder in the press and this will help to keep it clean. Powder spillage is the main culprit that ruins the timing!

If you can follow these tips and keep the press clean you can prime on a Pro1000! I have never owned a hand primer and managed to load thousands of rounds on a Pro1000...and I am not the most technically gifted oke out there!


Now on to the Loadmaster......ummm I've never had a problem...if one comes up I'll let you know!


Safe reloading!



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