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My Lee Loadmaster journey...part3

Posted by Duane Wessels on

So I've had a few problems....

My COL kept changing...this drove me almost up the wall. But as with all things, step back, relax, look again and wake up....I thought I was clever...manual? who reads the manual? I can sort this out.....nope I read the manual and the problem is now solved!

When setting up your dies, set your primer depth last. The primer rocker arm need to have travel left when the ram is at the top. Not much but it must have a bit to ensure the shell plate reaches the dies all the way.

My next problem is that my bench is still not stable enough...after all my woodwork there is still just a little bit of flex in the press. This is mainly caused by the fact that most of the press' weight is hanging off the bench...there are fixes on the net but I have decided to get myself the Lee bench plate. Apparently this will help with the flexing. I am going to try this as they are not that expensive.

The flexing problem is also caused by the force needed to resize a 9mmp plan to fix this is a universal decapping die in station 1, and then resize in station 2. Station 2 is to the back of the press and this will help with the flex to spread the force more towards the back. A bit of lube will also help...

Otherwise this is one amazing press. Positives so far:

Great, sturdy press

All mods done at the factory

Has not tipped or not fed any primers...working like a charm.

Shell plate timing is 100%

Very smooth ram action.

Case Slider works perfect.


Negatives - only one so far, the operator behind the handle...he needs to start reading manuals

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