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My Lee Loadmaster journey...part 6

Posted by Duane Wessels on

So Africa Champs was this past weekend....

It was the biggest match SADPA ever hosted. The Course Of Fire was challenging to say the least but I expected nothing less from the MD and an international level match.

17 stages, 230 odd rounds over 2 days was a challenge in itself. Add all the HONTS and swingers, poppers, clam shells, drop turners, tight muzzle safe zones and dust added to the pressure.

Your gun and ammo had to function!

I am glad to report that my ammo loaded on the Loadmaster functioned perfect.

I had a malfunction on my first stage Sunday morning but that was me riding the slide on the Shadow...she really doesn't like that. To make it worse I did it twice...

To reward the Loadmaster, I cleaned her yesterday...there was no need but those that know me knows I have a bit of OCD...I like things clean.

What a breeze to the primer door on the ram and the old primers and dust just fell out. (Keep a bucket ready before you open the door) Took the shell plate off and found no dust or debris there. This is what I love about this press...dirt, dust and residue does not collect under the shell plate but rather falls to the bottom of the ram. A great design.

Very happy to report that I believe this Loadmaster press to be the best you can get for the money.

Now on to loading for the 1911....


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