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My Lee Loadmaster journey...part 5

Posted by Duane Wessels on

Ok, I function tested the 100 rounds I loaded in the Shadow, no problems all fed and all went bang.

I also decided to chrony them again as I added just a tad more crimp. Chronied 20 rounds and my rounds now factor at 132. I am happy with that and should be ok for Africa Champs.

Then I started reloading. Everything is working perfect or as a good friend said she purrs like a kitten. 550 rounds loaded in 1.5 hours. I could do more but answering mails and running the business in between...and refilling the primer tray took away some time.

I am very happy with the Loadmaster. I can see why it is Lee's top of the range progressive. Everything functions as advertised. Of the 550 rounds not one primer flipped. All cases were charged as set and the timing was not an issue.

So everything works and rounds are loaded at a fair pace. I am in a happy place.

Now on to Africa Champs!


Ps...I will keep this blog going if I find any issues or any new info or tips.

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