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My Lee Loadmaster journey...part 4

Posted by Duane Wessels on

Let's go back to the COL that keeps changing....just a tip to make this reliable.

First do what they call "preload" the press when you set your dies. Set your sizing die, then your FC die. These dies need to be at the exact level. I've always inserted them until they touch the shell plate. Lee recommends you set them a 1/4 turn deeper on the Loadmaster.

This works. Once you have done this you can set the rest of your dies.

I also now use all 5 stations, universal decapper in 1, size in 2, powder in 3, seat in 4 and FC in 5...with the sizer in station 2 and the FC in station 5 the load on the press is distributed better. Sizing is not an issue any more.

So on to new things. The Lee Bench Plate. I got mine installed on my bench and it helps a lot with flex. There is still some flex but a lot less than before. I think I will need to build a sturdier bench in the near future.

With the Bench Plate and the dies installed as above my COL problem is history.

I had to change my col as I could not find any RN CMJ's and had to settle on some FP's. This meant some new load development. This was done yesterday and this morning I shot the loads through the chrony...all went well and I have settled on a new COL.

So after dispatching orders and answering e-mails I settled behind the Loadmaster to run 100 rounds as a final check for Africa Champs.

Then! Problem! No primers in the rounds! Aggg what now!

Oops...the primer tray ran dry! This press is so smooth and fast I didn't even notice...but unlike the Pro1000 which will tip primers if the chute is half empty, the Loadmaster did not tip any primers and inserted even the last one. Luckily I caught it early and simply refilled the new square primer tray, inserted and carried on.

So tomorrow I will function test the 100 rounds I loaded to make sure my Shadow is happy with them and then I will settle down behind the press tomorrow night and see how fast I can load a thousand rounds.

I will then give my final report on the Loadmaster but for now here are some thoughts...

Great, smooth press...the ram is smooth...just keep it lubed.

The timing works great.

The case slider can be tricky to set up but if I can do it anyone can...again read the instructions.

The priming system works! Lee has sorted it I am happy to report.

The Auto Disk is very reliable...constant charges and the correct weight.

I love this machine!

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  • Hi Anders!
    Nice to hear from you! I have only loaded with our local ball and flake powders and both work fine.

    Greetings from South Africa!

    Duane on
  • Hello from sweden!

    its nice to hear some posotive words about the loadmaster, since the internet is flooding with comments telling its a bad press!
    anyway, i have heard that stick powder does not work with that powder measure you have, is that true?
    Really looking forward to uprade myself from my lee turret too a Loadmaster.

    Anyway, i enjoy to read what you writes, and i hope that you keep up the good work!

    Best regards, Anders

    anders göthberg on

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