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My Lee Loadmaster journey...part 2

Posted by Duane Wessels on

So now the dies are installed, time to start testing...

Now the biggest problem with the Pro1000 was the priming system and I read many an internet forum complaint about the Loadmaster's priming system. Fear not I sorted the Pro1000, how hard can the Loadmaster be?....famous last words right?

Well, I didn't need to sort anything, it works out of the box! All you need to do is to set the priming depth.

Lee obviously have also read the same internet forums...these new models are modded at the factory.

The primer chute is smooth, no burrs.

The new primer tray works, drop primers, shake, now has a lock to ensure primers don't fall out...insert in priming chute, open, primers fall freely. The primers also get a good shake when the ram travels, so no primers hanging up in the tray.

The shell plate has also been improved...the bearing surfaces are smooth and the timing contacts have been improved.

The carrier's bearing surfaces are also polished.

The timing rod has been beveled at the factory.

So hats of to Lee...they sorted a lot of problems.

But as always there will be problems also....not with the Press mind's a monster!

The press only needs to be well lubed to work smooth. My problem was my reloading bench, it was not strong enough for this press. Most of the press' weight hangs off the bench, so make sure your bench is sturdy.

While loading I found primers not deprimed and suspiciously long cartridges....because of the flex in my bench I was short stroking....Remember every step of your reloading on the Loadmaster happens at the top stroke...

Glad to report that this problem has been sorted by a trip to Timber City.

I am very impressed with this press. It's still early days but it will get a good workout this coming week...Africa Champs is almost here!

More to follow.....

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  • The trip to the hardware was just to sort the bench. The turret I am going to keep for reloading 45ACP. You could run the Loadmaster with only 1 die at a time. Later I will get the parts required to do a caliber change on the Loadmaster.

    Duane on
  • A question or two:

    1. What did you need from the hardware store … something to fix the bench or something to fix the press?

    2. Are you keeping the turret, or would you be able to run the Loadmaster as a single stage too?

    Tinus on

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