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My Lee Loadmaster journey...Part 1

Posted by Duane Wessels on

I have been reloading my 9mmp rounds on a Pro1000 for a couple of years now. All worked wonderfully until I decided I want to take Sport Shooting more seriously...I used to load maybe 500 rounds a month but now load almost 2000 rounds a month.

And since I want to be more competitive I got myself a CZ Shadow. Great gun but a bit choosy on the ammo she feeds....I kept having out of battery and double feed malfunctions. Then someone wiser than me told me to factory crimp my rounds....feeding problems solved!

But the Pro1000 only has 3 die stations so I ended up loading on the Pro and then moving to my trusty Turret to crimp. Now reloading 500 like this was fine but doing 2000! No! A plan needed to be made....

Enter the Loadmaster!

Wow, what a machine! This is Lee's top of the line reloader. A 5 station monster. It is a solid press and works totally different to the Pro1000.

I got mine yesterday and spend the afternoon setting it up. Now I like to know how things work so I stripped it to see. Some nice engineering work went into the making of this reloader.

While stripping I also cleaned the machine as sometimes they come a bit oily from the factory. I took my time and worked out how every thing works. It is now mounted in the spot where my well loved Pro was. It looks good!

Next step will be to set all the dies, priming and powder systems and then to start loading.

Over the next couple of days I will post my journey with this new machine here...stay tuned.

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  • I’m following this one closely.

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