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My Auto Breech Lock Pro Journey - Part 3

Posted by Duane Wessels on

This press is more Lee Classic Turret Press than Lee Pro 1000! And that's a good thing!


Andy Lee is a genius!


I have looked at how to strip the carrier to see how this press works but after reading the instructions…yeah those things I normally ignore I found that you do not need to strip the carrier!

The working parts of the timing is done by the index rod, the shell plate bolt (or something, can’t find an official name for it), a driven clutch and a driver clutch. The clutch system can be accessed without stripping the carrier or even removing the carrier. Simply remove the index rod, case ejector and shell plate, now you can lift the bolt and the driver clutch slips out.


The indexing of this press is like the Classic Turret press where the indexing is done by an index rod and square ratchet. Well, here we have almost the same in an upside down kind of way.


You have the index rod, which is flat with a curve to the bottom. This is secured in the press by the Breech Lock bushing in station 4. This then fits in the bolt on the carrier.


On the bottom of this bolt is the driven clutch which then sits in the driver clutch. The driver clutch does the indexing. It has a cross in the middle where the index rod fits. As you work the press the index rod drives this clutch system.


The system is also closed and I cannot see a way for spilled powder to get in there. The clutch parts are made of nylon by the looks of it, so it will be strong. There is a bit of grease in the clutch system.


It is a very simple but effective system and a massive improvement on the indexing system of the Pro 1000.

If you look at the above picture it does look like you can remove the whole carrier, seems as if the ram is held in place by an Allen type bolt. This will be my next mission.


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