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My Auto Breech Lock Pro Journey...Part 2

Posted by Duane Wessels on

First thing first! As you know this press is brand new and we are also learning as we go. If you have a Safety Prime and wish to use it on this press, make sure it is the latest model. This model can be identified by the light grey colour and serrated trigger!


Finally managed to get a few rounds loaded on the press.


After spending most of the day on the range Saturday making shiny brass dirty I got a gap yesterday to reload a few rounds on the Auto Breech Lock Pro. I started with 1 case at a time. Just checking if there are any issues and to check my settings. At this point I was not using the bullet feeder...luckily.


These Breech Lock bushings are new to me and I had the one in the bullet seater die not installed properly, next thing I knew my bullet feeder was hanging around in the air! The die was not locked in place and the case moved the die out. Luckily it was empty. On the bullet feeder, make sure it is secured in the correct position, about at the 11 O’clock position.


Anyway, got that sorted and made sure the bushing is properly secured.


Running 1 case at a time gave me a chance to go slow and see if I could find any problems, except for the die not locked in place I am happy to report no issues.


I then filled the bullet feeder and case feeder and ran 100 rounds through the machine. I was concerned of forgetting the place a primer with the Safety Prime but managed to remember to do so. Even with placing the primer and going slower than I normally load, I managed to load 100 rounds in 30 minutes.


And all of them passed the case gauge test. Primers were all seated perfectly, the Safety Prime might be a bit slow but it is such a fool proof design. You just have to get in a rhythm and make sure you get the angle right when placing the primer.


The Safety Prime made me wonder about what would happen if you did miss that step and had powder spillage? As we know this is a problem with the Pro1000. What would happen if powder messed into the carrier? From the design pics and what I can see on the carrier it’s seems that spilled powder would not get into the driving parts of the carrier. This can also be why Lee used the plastic retainer plate on top of the carrier. The smoothness of the plastic and the little gap between the shell plate and retainer seems to be a result of someone at Lee thinking about this very problem.


Another point I thought about was the timing. In my last post I mentioned that I forced the press to lose timing but that it regained the correct position on the next stroke. But what if you have a carrier with 4 cases in already? Just doing one more stroke to sort the timing would create even bigger problems.


But Lee has made this problem easy to resolve. Just remove the bushing and die in station 4 and remove the index rod. Now you can manually move the shell plate in the correct position. Reinsert the rod, bushing and carry on.


Now please note that I intentionally tried to make the press lose its timing. This did not happen once while I was using the press as intended.


Another thing I noted was that there is almost no play in the ram. Older Lee presses had a bit of play in the ram. But the ram on this press is very secure and fitted properly. I also have not lubed the press but noted that Lee recommends you lube the ram with motor oil. I have been recommending this for a while…


Now that I got the press up and running I am going to do the unthinkable. I am going to strip it. I want to have a look inside the carrier to see exactly how it works. Just need to find out how you do this…


Ah well, that’s why I am the Beta Tester.

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