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My Auto Breech Lock Pro journey...part 1

Posted by Duane Wessels on

Awhile back we heard rumours of a new Lee progressive press, started digging for info but it was scarce. We finally saw some pics and thought it looks interesting.


Fast forward and we finally got the new Lee Auto Breech Lock Pro in stock this week.


As I like to know my products I decided to mount one on my bench. Was sad to move the old trustworthy Loadmaster to the corner but new toys are always nice to play with.


The box contains the press, priming arms, a bin and a few tools and the instructions.


You need to purchase a shell plate for your calibre also but the price of the press and the shell plate is very reasonable.


The press is very nicely put together.


I had some concerns about the plastic parts but they are well made and finished. The carrier looks plastic but it is actually cast metal with 2 plastic covers. Lee calls them the carrier cover and retainer plate.


As far as the insides go I still need to find a way to strip the press. Inside the carrier is a clutch system rather than a gear system like the Pro 1000. The carrier is driven by an action rod. This rod is secured on the press by the Lock Ring Eliminator bushing in station 4.


So far I have managed to mess with the timing but low and behold it sets itself right back with the next stroke – I did this on purpose and forced the press to do this, it has not happened again. There is also no dreaded timing adjustment screw.  The pin on the base also makes sure that the carrier is in the correct position, same pin as on the newer Pro 1000’s.


Another concern I had was if you would be able to see the powder in the case before seating the bullet. Even with all the accessories fitted you can see this clearly.


A tip, if you plan on adding the bullet feeder you need to move the Lock Ring Bushing from station 4 to station 1. Yeah I had to redo all my dies.


Also, depending on the bolts you use to mount the press you will not be able to use the bell and spring on the Auto Disk chain. My press is mounted on the Lee Bench Plate so the bolts are in the way. I just removed the spring and used only the bell much like the way the chain works on the new Auto Drum. Tested and it does return the disk on each stroke.


And watch out how the bigger Allen Key rests on the tool rack; make sure it is away from the carrier.

Speaking of the Lock Ring and Breech Lock bushings, this is my first time using them. They work a treat and die changes will be quick and painless. The press does not have a turret like the Pro 1000 or Loadmaster but rather uses these bushings.


Another great new feature is the case feeder. It is operated by a spring and it works great. Lee also launched a new Universal Case Feeder recently and this is a major improvement.


I have now set up mine with all the accessories and plan to run it for the next month or so. I will provide feedback here.


So far I am very impressed…just need to remember to use the Safety Prime.

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