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More Loadmaster tips and stuff...

Posted by Duane Wessels on

In my last blog I mentioned that I will try some home brewed case lube. Well, it did not go as planned...

I mixed a tube of Lee Resizing Lube with 500ml's of rubbing alcohol bought from my local chemist. The rubbing alcohol has an alcohol percentage of 92%. Mixed this up and sprayed 10 9mmp cases in a jiffy bag. 

So I loaded these 10 and carefully put them aside.

After loading some 45ACP's for the man gun on my trusty Lee Turret I was off to the range to test.

Loaded the 10 lubed rounds into my Shadow and proceeded to shoot.....first one was a stovepipe, second the case dropped on my feet, then no extraction! I thought I had a squib but there's a hole in the target. All 10 had problems!

I can only think that I either sprayed to much lube or did not wait long enough for them to dry but the lube did contaminate my powder. I also think that rubbing alcohol is not the answer...that 8% water could be the culprit.

So this is not the answer for now....ah well on to my next project.

One of my customers advised me to add a bit of Shield car polish to my tumbling media. This will apparently not only shine the brass but will act like a case lube. I read up more about it and found that quite a couple of reloaders do this.

My mission with this is too make the reloading process as smooth and easy as I can...especially with my wonky reloading bench.

Another tip that I want to share about the dies in the Loadmaster...

If you take 1 die out make sure you put it back as it was!

I removed my sizing die to clean it and remove all the lube that might be in there and being clever I moved the lock ring to the top. Big mistake keep the lock ring where it was!

Started loading again and noticed my rounds seem longer than normal, true they were out by 1mm. So now I start adjusting the sizing die and bullet seating die and then my flare was not enough and I am sure my crimp was not I had to reset all my dies.

So be wary of this...


Oh and do go chrony loads at lunch time in the hot sun....those sensors don't like the heat. I was testing my 1911 loads and had a chrony reading of 4711ft/s!



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