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Loadmaster tips...

Posted by Duane Wessels on

Just some tips I thought I will share:

Setting up - take your time, read the instructions.

Lubing the press.

The press is shipped lubed already but I have found the lube on the ram is not to my liking, so I have cleaned it off and lubed the ram with motor oil. Not a lot but enough to make sure the ram is running smooth. The ram should run smooth.

Some recommend adding a bit if grease under the shell plate, I did not because grease and the priming system is not a good idea. What I have done is grease the timing rod lightly.

Also add a small amount of grease to the index flipper where it is in contact with the press, I also added a bit of grease on the press where the index flipper rides.

A bit of grease on the primer actuator bolt also helps.

Also make sure that all the grease nipples are greased.

Timing tips

The timing rod has a beveled end, this end must face station 1. If you change the flipper make sure that the rod is facing the right direction.

Also note that you cannot take the shell plate of if you do not take the timing rod out.

Make sure that the case ejector is installed right side up, if you look at it you will note the j type hook is bent down at the end, this is to click in place in the little holes on the top of the shell plate, it assist the timing.

And please do not loose the o-ring! The shell plate nut should only be hand tightened, if it is too tight it will affect the timing.

Whenever you take of the shell plate be careful to not damage the primer system, move the primer arm back.

If your press is still not timing properly, your carrier is out of alignment. Now this is the worst thing that can happen but relax it's an easy fix....

With the shell plate and timing rod installed you can adjust the alignment by loosening the nut at the bottom of the ram, just under the spent primer door. Loosen this nut, bring the carrier to the mid stroke position so that the flipper is at the start of where it runs out, then move the carrier so that the index flipper makes contact with the press.

Hold it there and tighten that nut again - do not use too much force or you will bend the link and spent primer door. You will notice while you are tightening the bottom nut that the shell plate nut is moving, just fasten it as you go.

A trick here to ensure the carrier is in the right spot is to check if the primer feeder is touching the ribs on the press, if it is and the flipper is touching the press on the other side, you are good to go!


Make sure your dies are set correctly as per Lee's instructions but most importantly make sure that those lock rings are tight.

When setting up the dies, pre load the carrier, set your sizing die, then set the fcd. These dies must be set at the exact same depth as they touch the shell plate, make sure they are at the same level. Then set your other dies. If you are not running a FCD then this is not a major issue....but try to get a FCD, it works and makes reloading for multiple guns easy.

Also look at your primer depth, make sure when the ram is at the top of the stroke that there is just a little play left in the primer rocker...make sure that your primers seat flush but are not crushed.

The case slider can be tricky to set up but just follow the instructions, it's not that difficult. A tip here is to set it that the case slider just just miss the top of the press when at the up stroke...I mean so close that the ends of the top of the case slider are basically brushing the press as it passes.

This will ensure cases are inserted fully and also not jam up in the press.

Well that's all I can think of now...


My next project is to test some case lube to help smooth the resizing...I made some home brew stuff that I will try this weekend...more on that next week.

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