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Loadmaster revisited…

Posted by Duane Wessels on

My Loadmaster has been pumping out 9mmp rounds since July 2016. To be honest I have lost count on how many rounds I have loaded but my guess is the number must be in the 25 000 round range.


It has honestly not giving me any major problems. The little problems I have had were user or brass related.


This is the best bang for buck progressive you can buy. Point. The end. Klaar gepraat.


Today I chatted to a valued customer on e-mail about the one thing that took me some time to sort out…the case feeder.


The case feeder works with friction. So do not lube or oil the case feed rod. That powder coating is there for a reason. This is my way of setting the case feeder to ensure the slider slides that case perfectly into the shell plate:


  • Make sure the rod is square to the tang with about a pencil width gap.


  • Loosen both screws on the crank slider.


  • Move the ram to the mid stroke, the case slider should be about half way on the tang.


  • Tighten the top screw of the crank slider.


  • Start tightening the bottom screw until there is enough tension so that the case slider moves against the shell plate on the up stroke from the halfway position.


  • The case slider should have enough tension to almost force the case in the shell plate.


  • Make sure the case slider clears the top of the press or you can break it…ask me how I know?


The case feeder should now be set.


And also remember I am always ready to help if you are struggling with the set up...e-mail me or give me a call...



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