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Loadmaster or Pro1000? Which one is right for you...

Posted by Duane Wessels on

So you are in the market for a progressive press? Let’s for my sake say you have to choose between the Lee presses…which one and why?
Well, let’s meet the 2 contenders…
On the left we have the Lee Loadmaster and on the right the Lee Pro1000.

First off, let’s look at the limits of both machines. Both can load some rifle rounds but these rounds will not be as accurate as rounds loaded on a good solid single stage press. Because of all the moving parts, there will be slight differences between rounds. This is not a problem for semi auto use and range plinking. As an example, both machines will load decent .223 and 7.62x39 rounds.
Second, let’s look at the best of these machines and that is speed…both machines will quite happily churn out more than 500 rounds an hour. These machines are designed to produce volume.  For sport shooters this is the main reason for a progressive press.  Less time spend reloading equals more range time.
Now let’s look at the pros and cons of each machine:
Lee Pro1000
It is quite a bit cheaper than the Loadmaster.
Easy to set up and use.
Can load multiple calibers, both pistol and rifle.
Quick caliber change.
Easy to maintain.
Great value for money.
Great roller handle.
Can only use 3 dies.
Cannot load as many rifle calibers.
Due to the price, more plastic components are used.
Requires more attention to maintenance and needs to be kept clean.
Lee Loadmaster
5 stations mean you can use 5 dies, so FCD’s can be used.
Excellent value for money.
Easy to set up and use.
Can load multiple calibers, both pistol and rifle.
Quick and easy caliber change.
Very easy to maintain.
Excellent design engineering used to create this machine, minimum plastic parts used.
All actions happen on the upstroke.
Very solid construction.
More expensive than the Pro1000.
Heavy, needs a solid mounting bench.
So now which one is the right one for you?
The main consideration will be budget.... If you can afford the Loadmaster, it must be your first choice as it offers more.  If your budget does not allow this then the Pro 1000 is a very solid second choice.
Second is do you need the extra’s offered on the Loadmaster? I know plenty shooters who are very happy with their Pro1000’s.

I was very happy with mine but since I got a CZ Shadow my ammo gave me endless feeding problems in the Shadow and the only solution was the Factory Crimp Die and that meant selling the Pro and getting the Loadmaster.  (Just a note, the Shadow is quite choosy to what ammo she feeds. The ammo I loaded on my Pro1000 functioned 100% in 3 other guns)
If the Factory Crimp Die is not a must have for you, the Pro1000 will do the job.
So if you were wondering which one, I hope this will help you. Both offer exceptional value for money and if run correctly will give you good quality ammo.


News Update: In the next few weeks we will offer the Loadmaster factory set up in .223!

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