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Everyone should carry a torch....

Posted by Duane Wessels on

Once you have an EDC flashlight, you'll wonder how you ever lived your life without one!

From helping you find your way back to your campsite, to allowing you to find a missing something under the bed, to providing illumination when the lights go out, there are few tools as handy and essential as the flashlight.

And there are few tools that elicit as much affection. And I think the word "torch" gets it just right. The flashlight is simply the latest incarnation of that old tool that made the world what it Our cavemen ancestors discovered fire and made not only the world a lot more warmer and making the legendary braai possible...but made seeing in the dark possible. Because...

This pic is an old ad for flashlights and perfectly shows the spirit of the time period but back to the point...

Mankind has moved from burning branches to battery-powered tubes...and recently the number of options for a handheld light has multiplied.

You may think that all flashlights are the same, but you’d be wrong. There are so many options out there today but for now let's stick to the good old EDC torch...

The Every Day Carry torch is not always a tactical torch. The EDC torch is more an emergency or utility light in my mind. It should be easy to use and more importantly easy to carry...we do carry a lot of stuff in our pockets after all. But above all else it must work!

There are many makes and models out in the market but I have grown very fond of the Olight range. And specifically the Olight S1 me the perfect EDC torch.

It fulfills all my needs in an EDC torch, small, powerful, easy to carry and operate. But most off all it is dependable. I have carried mine for over a year now. It is only on it's third battery and it is one tough customer having survived numerous falls and a few trips in the washing machine.

But those okes at Olight don't rest much, they keep pumping out new models and have recently released the updated S2R Baton.

This light is mighty...a full 1020 lumens and still a small light. It is taller than the S1 as it uses a 18650 rechargeable battery but you won't feel the difference in your pocket. 

Now I have never thought of changing my S1 for the S2 as I prefer a non rechargeable battery in my EDC and WML. The reason being that when a rechargeable battery goes flat the light will not work and this happens without warning...A CR123A on the other hand will almost warn you when it is dying...the light won't go into turbo mode is a good indicator but will still work in a lower setting.

But the clever people at Olight has addressed this with the S2R. This S2R ships with a magnetic charging base, no need to remove the battery, just stick the torch on the base. These chargers are also now USB powered. So you could charge on the move using any USB power source such as a power bank. Have a look around and notice how many USB charging points you have...plenty hey?

The S2R also now warns you when it's time for a charge, it has a low voltage indicator under the switch that will warn you well ahead of time.

The Olight S2R is an amazing EDC light and has me thinking about going the rechargeable route...But the S1 Baton is still a great EDC light in my view and I am hooked on it!

But what if you run out of CR123A's? Don't worry the S1 runs on RCR123A's without problems and Olight has made charging batteries on the move easy with the new UC Charger, another USB powered charger that can charge most rechargeable batteries on the move.

So now the choice? S1 Baton or S2R Baton....all depends on what you want out of your EDC and what you could least you now have 2 great choices!

But whatever your choice, carry a light with you at all times! And no that flashlight app on your phone is not good enough...they are not powerful and will consume your phone's battery very quick.

In South Africa with our power situation it is a must to carry a light...imagine going to the loo at the mall and the power fails, the back up generator is out of gas and you are caught in the dark with your pants down....

So don't get caught in the dark...stick a little torch in your pants!

To view our range click the link below:



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