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Broke a decapping pin?

Posted by Duane Wessels on

Why do decapping pins break?

Yes, those bastard children of the devil known as Berdan primed cases are the main cause BUT the Lee decapping dies are designed to prevent this.


The dies are designed with a clamp that holds the decapping pin. Should a Berdan find it's way in the pin should just push out of the clamp without breaking.


The main reason Lee decapping pin's break is that the clamp's are over tightened.


They are supposed to ship from the factory set correctly but a few can end up being over is a big factory and human error will always find it's way in any production line.


What is the correct tension on the clamp? Well, you will have to test it. It should be set strong enough to push out a primer but also just enough so that the pin can push up if it meet's resistance.


Only test this if you have spares on hand. You will also need a 13 and 19 spanner.


Besides Berdan primed cases, lookout for military brass with crimped in primers...these are also troublesome to deprime. Lookout for S&B brass marked NX. They can be deprimed but you have to be careful and expect to loose a few decapping pins.


Personally I toss S&B cases with the NX mark, 9mmp brass is freely available and not expensive.

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