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AAD2016...and Olight AA batteries....

Posted by Duane Wessels on

So this past weekend we attended the AAD2016 airshow at Waterkloof Air Force Base in Pretoria.

What a great show!

I normally attend these with my old Fujifilm camera to take as much pictures as I can. Since I am not the best at this I take as many snaps as possible and hope for 1 or 2 good pics in between. This means my camera eats AA batteries like my German Shepherd puppy eats doggy treats!

Normally at a show like this I will have 3 sets of AA batteries to try and make to the sunset show and most times they don't make it....

Olight recently launched AAA and AA non rechargeable batteries and I was meaning to give them a good test and Saturday was that test.

We arrived at Waterkloof at about 10am...traffic was a nightmare...and I started snapping pics while we were still waiting to go in. The mini war started as we arrived on the flight line. After this display I hit the static displays and snapped away. Even Number 1's old croc of a jet was know the one that needs replacing with a multi billion rand new one.

After this I settled on the flight line and started snapping away at the action and a nice burger.

Glad to report that these Olight AA batteries made it till the sunset display...even allowing me to video the Gripen flare display. I took a total of 483 pictures (most with zoom)  plus the video. Downloaded everything yesterday and the camera's low battery warning has still not come on!

These Olight batteries are in a class of their own! Great quality and super performance!

Next time you need to replace AA's or AAA's give these a go!

I think I'm going to test these in my Xbox now....


(We will be getting more stock next week...just waiting for the new Olight shipment to arrive)

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