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So you want to start reloading? Part 5

Posted by Duane Wessels on

The most important bit I post last....sorry but ALWAYS BE SAFE!

When you are reloading and handling primers wear safety glasses. Primers can ignite, one will make a bang, a hundred will make a hole in the roof! Be careful with them and always wear safety glasses!

Be careful with the powder, no open flames allowed! Do not smoke while reloading...go smoke outside far away from your bench. Keep the tin closed.

Do not watch TV while reloading, concentrate on what you are doing! And for all that is holy's sake do not drink and reload!

Have the right tools, you need a vernier to measure COL not your daughters ruler! and you will need a kinetic hammer to dismantle incorrect cartridges.

Be mindful of where you throw your reloading trash, the empty tins, the primer packets even the box your press came in. Rather go dump it at your range's dustbin. Why? Because in South Africa we have people going through your trash for food and other stuff. Criminals use these guys for info. You do not want to advertise that you have firearms in your house!

And please follow the law, do not keep more powder than you are allowed, do not keep more primers than you are allowed and if you do not have dedicated status do not keep more than 200 rounds including your SD ammo. Keep all your powder, primers and ammo safe as prescribed by the FCA and Explosive acts.



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