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So you want to start reloading? Part 3

Posted by Duane Wessels on

The most expensive component of reloading will be the brass. Collect as much as you can.

But please do not collect your fellow shooters brass! If they are like me, you will get a couple of choice words...a good tip will be to mark your brass. I draw a black line over the back with a permanent marker.

You need to clean your brass, I used to just sonic clean but have recently started tumbling. The sonic cleaner works but it does not leave your brass shiny. This was not a problem for me but I recently started shooting at the nicest range ever, lot's of green grass. Brass is very difficult to spot in the grass. So I bought a Lyman tumbler and some Lyman media.

First tip if you are using a tumbler with media, do not deprime before tumbling. Believe me sitting with a toothpick and cleaning primer pockets of media is not funny. I tumble my brass using the Tufnut media with a dash of Turbo Brite brash polish, then deprime, then sonic clean. My brass is now nice and shiny!

If you do not have a sonic cleaner or tumbler, don't worry there are ways to clean the brass. It won't be so shiny but as long as it is clean, you can reload them. A nice cheap way is to mix 1 table spoon of Citric Acid (Available in your stores baking section), 1 table spoon of Sunlight liquid in a 2l bottle with hot water. Dump your brass in, close lid and shake for awhile. Then rinse with water and leave to dry, in the sun if you can. (I use this solution in my sonic cleaner also) But you should look at getting a tumbler at least, it will make your reloading life easier!

Make sure that your brass is dry before reloading. Wet brass will lead to squib loads! Make sure! I leave my brass in the sun, I then pack it away when it is dry and only use it 2 days later to be sure.

I am really impressed with the Lyman Tufnut media and Turbo Brite polish, this is the cleanest and shiniest my brass has ever been. See the photo in the header, there is brass in there that has been fired more than 10 times. They all look brand new. Even the permanent marker line is removed.

Another tip to look after your brass and extend it's life is to not flare the case to much when reloading. Only flare enough to sit the bullet steady. If you flare too much the brass will get weaker over time. If you look after your brass, especially 9mmp you can get a lot of reloads out of them.

The Lyman media and polish is available on the store and tumblers can be ordered.

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