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So you want to start reloading? Part 1

Posted by Duane Wessels on

When I started reloading, not a lot of help was available. Most certainly not from the shop where I bought all my goodies...I mean they even took it upon themselves to sell me the most expensive primers they had on the shelf.

So I am going to post a couple of blogs that might just help someone. First off, I am by no means a reloading expert but I believe I can point you in the right direction. Some of these posts have been posted on Facebook in a group called SA's a group for SIG lovers, especially the SP2022...check it out.

So let's begin...

Learn all you can about reloading. Buy yourself a book about it and study. There are some good books about the subject. The first book you should by is the Somchem manual. This lists all their powders for all the different calibers with a minimum and max charge, col and more.

Books to look for are Richard Lee’s Modern Reloading Manual and the ABC of Reloading. There are others available. Check out the reloading section on Gunsite...the forum not the Facebook page :)

But the best is to find a reloader close to you and go learn. Most reloaders are nice guys and won’t mind. Go see what works for them. Next I will post about the equipment required.

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