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In the beginning...

Posted by Duane Wessels on

First off welcome to my little corner here. These post will be used to give you tips and tricks, a little history lesson and news from the shop and the shooting world.

My journey to here has been a bit hectic. I started working in the logistics business at the end of 1995, straight out of school. In September of this year that changed. I got myself retrenched.

While contemplating my future I decided it was time to stop dreaming and start my own business, firearms have become a hobby of mine. Doing sport shooting, EDC and reloading for some time now, I have started to love the idea of a firearm and the history behind it.

So I am going to start my own firearm shop...but this is not so easy in South Africa. I decided to start small and work my way to my dream of owning my own gun shop. Baby steps toward the dream of that magical one stop gun shop.

Why 480BC? Well when I was a young man I was still reading comics, actually I was still a nerd who collected comics! I came a across a comic called 300. It was the story of the 300 Spartans at the battle of Thermopylae. I fell in love with the story. This led to me reading actual books about the battle and trying to learn as much as I can. 300 against the biggest army ever. Wow.

Now fast forward to my middle thirties. I have never owned or shot a gun. A good friend left South Africa and wanted to hand her gun in at the SAPS. Bad idea I thought, let me take it and get it licensed. Well I shot a gun for the first time at my competency training. Hmm this is not so bad. While at the range that morning, there was a SADPA shoot on. I drifted over and had a look, damn this looks fun. Some of the club members spoke to me and told me about the sport and I immediately decided this is my next sport...screw golf.

While doing research and looking for holsters and all those things I stumbled on a phrase "MOLON LABE". This was on guns and was everywhere. Then I started researching and found that these are the words from the battle of Thermopylae. Comics to history to guns....small world.

Now back to 480BC Supplies, why 480BC? Well the battle of Thermopylae happened in the year 480bc. Calling my shop MOLON LABE Supplies did not sound quite right...Spartan has and is used already. So 480BC sounded catchy to me and it has meaning to me. I even have a Spartan helmet and the word "MOLON LABE" tattooed on my leg. So 480BC Supplies it will be.

Welcome and I do hope you will receive only the best service from 480BC Supplies!




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