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It's all about customer service...

Posted by Duane Wessels on

At 480BC, the customer is always our first priority. Thanks to all for their kind words!

Some comments and praise about our customer service...

"I have to echo what some of the other members have said on other posts (and would have said it even if I wasn't the 100th order), your webstore, the service and the speed at which orders are processed is beyond impressive. I've seen webstores that has been open for years more than yours thar aren't as fluid. I don't believe I've ever received confirmation of my order and a tracking number as fast as from you.

Keep up the good work. I referred a new shooter to you for some Lee stuff. He's in safe hands"


"Late last night I ordered a hand priming tool online from 480BC after spending some time in Pretoria (unsuccessfully) looking for a replacement lever for myvery old Lee Autoprime (on its second lever).

The payment confirmation from the credit card came through at 22:24.

At 4:14 this AM I received a Shipping Confirmation mail, and at 06:04 this morning a mail from Duane with the tracking number.

Duane, you rock! (Not to be confused with Dwayne the Rock) "


"I don't usually post these kinds of threads.

Today I finally caved and put in an online order at 480BC Supplies.

Within 25 minutes I received not only confirmation of my order and receipt of payment, but the actual shipping notice with tracking number, followed by a personal email from Duane himself.

By far the quickest online shopping I've ever done. "


"Just want to praise Duane of 480BC Supplies for his excellent service once again and such excellent client communication.

Month ago or so I really wanted a pair of SportEar Xpro but as always they dont stay in stock for long.

So asked Duane if he gets stock to please inform me cause I would like a pair.

With quick response informing me he will keep me updated.

And so he did firstly letting me know his still waiting for shipment, soon after he replied again and informed its at customs.

Then came the email stating its arrived and this is the new price...fistly asking me if I still want a pair.

And sure got the invoice and stating will ship asap. So made payment and boom when I looked again it was at home waiting for me.

And all this happend during Huntex when he was busy but took the time to attend to my small purchase. Just shows what customers means to him.

Thanks again Duane and will continue to support you and your business. "


Thanks everyone for the support and remember our customers will always get our very best service!



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