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So you need some help with your Lee?

Posted by Duane Wessels on

I have seen a couple of questions and have been approached by a couple of clients for help with setting up their Lee reloading equipment.

I am strong advocate of Lee products. For me their presses are economical and if run correctly great reloading presses and tools.

For the money spend you won't find better presses and tools.

But sometimes the instructions are not that clear and some help is required to set them up and keep them running smooth.

Why stay quiet? Just contact me and I will assist where I can. Just ask and I will help!

With that in mind I am posting a couple of youtube clips I found when I was setting my presses up. Check them out, they might just have the answer to your problems.


Die Setup

Pro1000 Tips and Tricks

Check out Cowboy T on youtube....

A whole channel full of tips and tricks


If that does not help... send me a mail and I will help where I can. I run a Lee Pro1000 with no primer I know a thing or 2 about that press.


Enjoy and be safe


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  • Hi Gys, see your mail.

    Duane on
  • I have a pro 1000 that need a good service and the tubes holding the cases needs to be replaced. Can you help

    Gys on

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